Fund Updates

This page provides links to information on funds and ETFs useful in global asset allocation strategies.

Fixed Income:
    DFA 1 Year Treasury (DFIHX)
    DFA 2 Year Global (DFGFX)
    DFA 5 Year Treasury (DFFGX)
    DFA 5 Year Global (DFGBX)
    Vanguard Total Bond Market (VBMFX)
    Vanguard Long Term (VUSTX)
    Vanguard TIPs (VIPSX)
    Alliance Bernstein Bond (CBFCX)

Domestic Large Cap:
    DFA Large Cap (DFLCX)
    DFA Large Cap Value (DFLVX)
    S&P 500 ETF (SPY)
    Vanguard S&P 500 Index (VFINX)
    iShares Russell 1000 Value (IWD)
    Powershares Dynamic Large Value (PWV)
    American Funds Fundamental Investors (AFICX)
    Pioneer Equity Income (PCEQX)

Domestic Small Cap:
    DFA Small Cap (DFSTX)
    DFA Small Cap Value (DFSVX)
    DFA Micro Cap (DFSCX)
    iShares Russell 2000 (IWM)
    iShares Russell 2000 Value (IWN)
    Powershares Dynamic Small Value (PWY)
    Powershares Zachs Micro Cap (PZI)
    Oppenheimer Small & Mid Value (QSCCX)
    Putnam Small Value (PSLCX)    

Devloped International:    
    DFA Large Cap International (DFALX)
    DFA International Value (DFIVX)
    DFA International Small Cap (DFISX)
    DFA International Small Value (DISVX)
    iShares MSCI Int'l Large (EFA)
    iShares MSCI Int'l Large Value (EFV)
    Powershares Int'l Small Dividend (DLS)
    Alliance Bernstein Int'l Value (ABICX)
    Alliance Bernstein Int'l Growth (AWPCX)
    Putnam Int'l Capital Opportunity (PUVCX)        

Emerging Markets:
    DFA Emerging Markets (DFEMX)
    DFA Emerging Markets Value (DFEVX)
    DFA Emerging Markets Small (DEMSX)
    iShares MSCI Emerging Markets (EEM)
    Evergreen Emerging Markets (EMGCX)

    DFA Real Estate (DFREX)
    Streettracks DJ REIT (RWR)
    Streettracks Int'l REIT (RWX)
    Vanguard Energy (VGENX)
    Powershares Dynamic Energy (PXE)

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